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My Wiki

From Car Engines to Electronics and Computer Component Testing and Software...

My Arduino Monitoring System

Weather & Power Monitoring

Arduino Based Home Monitoring system with Wireless 433Mhz Battery Powered Units, Full Datalogging and Analysis...

Enhanced Mod ECU Code

Enhanced Mod

Modded Factory Code VS-VY Holden for Performance Tuning...

Fuel Injector Test & Calibration Rig blog

Fuel Injector Rig

From Start to finish with all the tech inbetween on Injectors and Flow bench testing and building...

Excel Simulated Dyno

Simulated Dyno

Excel Dyno Graph from Engine Data...

My Ebay Page & Peformance Injectors


My Ebay Items For Sale

Memcal ID Tool

Memcal ID Tool

ID Holden Commodore ECU Software Versions...

Youtube Channel


My Youtube Channel...

Photography Gallery

Fly's Eyes

Canon Macro Photography...